Are you feeling stuck? Stuck in your life or your business? Maybe both?

Do you have all of these ideas in your head but you can't manifest anything into reality?

Are you out of time during the day to work on the things that actually light you up?

Are you wanting to make big life changes but really don't know where to even start?

I hear you, Queen.

You can fix this, you know that right? There is a solution. There is a way. But sometimes we can't see the way because our brains are already full with everything else we're supposed to do everyday.

This is when an external, detached set of eyes and ears can help.


We heal through connection.

We spark ideas through conversation.

We 'Get Sh%t Done' with a coach.

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1. Business Breakthrough

In this 90 minute Zoom call, we are going to dive into the problems you are facing in your business right now. 

Whether it be increasing cashflow, improving brand awareness, or creating something brand new, we'll discuss it all on this call.

I teach you my 5-step system for running a successful business and leave you with an improved mindset, a clear vision, a written strategy, and a plan of action.


At the end of the 90 minute call, you will:

  • have clarity on what has been holding you back in your business

  • have a basic course of action for what you need to implement in your business in order to breakthrough the ceiling you're stuck under

  • learn how to time-block and make better use of your time

  • have new ideas on how to make your business work for you, not the other way around

  • find out where you could be delegating to free up your time

  • discover new ways to automate systems and practices in your business

  • gain peace of mind that you're not alone and things can change, you're not stuck

If you're ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business, this call will get you started.

Book your 90 minute Business Breakthrough session below.

2. Life Breakthrough

Do you feel like there's something lacking in your life?


Are you unhappy? Unfulfilled? Demotivated? Lost?

You need someone who is going to listen, hear you, see you, and offer you solutions to your problems.

You need a Life Line.


You need a chat with Gem.

By the end of this 90 minute Life Breakthrough session, you will:

  • be able to identify the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you stuck

  • rewire your energetics

  • improve your mindset by learning my method on 'Mindset Shifting'

  • gain clarity on what you want in life and how to get it

  • learn how to manifest and attract what you want

  • create boundaries with yourself and others so that you prevent 'burn out' and resentment

  • reassess your goals and dreams and have a clear action plan to achieve them

  • feel safe and supported and realize you're not alone

I've got you! Book your 90 minute Breakthrough below.

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3. Business Plan Set-Up

Do you have a business plan?

Is it up-to-date?

Don't know where to even start with one?

Using my strategically designed 2021 Business Plan template, I will walk you through from beginning to end and help you complete your plan.

My template includes branding, social media marketing, visions and goals, financial planning, competitor analysis, products and services, and more!

You will get:

  • The 50 page business plan template to edit

  • 2 hour Zoom meeting with Gem

  • Coaching by Gem on the call; whether it be branding, marketing, sales, strategies, e-commerce, or something else, it will be discussed.

  • A completed business plan at the end

If you don't know where you're going and how you're going to get there, you're going nowhere.


Book your Business Planning meeting below.

4. Current Clients ONLY

If we already work together on a monthly basis and you need to add another Zoom meeting with me because of an event coming up, we're in the zone, or you just need another chat, then book your 'Add On' 60 minute Zoom below.