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Bodyweight Leg Workout

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Would you like to make improvements to your health and body by summer?

I have to admit... I haven't been on my workout game this year!

What about you?

Maybe you haven't been on your workout game since the pandemic hit!

I put on my summer clothes because the weather has been warming up and I thought 'oh crap'!

I knew I didn't want to wait until it was too late to get fit and healthy for the summer season.

There's nothing worse than Memorial weekend coming around and you realize you've been enjoying too much beer and Italian food.

Our worth isn't in how we appear on the outside, but being confident when you look in the mirror because you've worked so darn hard for the reflection certainly helps with raising your vibration!

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I'm not waiting until it's too late.

I'm not waiting until it warms up just a little bit more.

I'm not waiting until I can't fit my skinny jeans.

I'm not waiting for the motivation...