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Business Coaching

As business owners and Entrepreneurs, we often get so stuck INSIDE the business and the day-to-day running of it, that we get burnt out with it.

When this happens, we forget why we started the business in the first place and can wind up resenting it.

Our businesses suffer. Our families suffer. And our life suffers.

Enter, Gem.

I restructure and reenergize you and your business.

Through creative strategies, marketing, brand awareness, coaching of staff/teams, community outreach, and specialized campaigns, I give you your time back whilst increasing revenue for your business.

If you aren't working in your zone of genius anymore, lets chat about how I can help with that.

Life Coaching

❖ I help you find your purpose and realize your dreams

❖ I teach you how to master your state of being and attract what you want

❖ We create healthy boundaries in your life so you don't deplete your energy and wind up getting burned out

❖ I am your accountability buddy to keep you on track and moving forward in your life

❖ I help create plans and strategies for you to achieve your goals

❖ We will create a morning routine that has you jumping out of bed every morning

❖ I find out where you might be self sabotaging and help you diminish these behaviors

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Event and Workshop

I help my clients vision come to life.


Whether they want a show, an event, a parade, a workshop, a tour, or something we come up with together, I assist with conceptualization, co-ordination, and complete management of the event.

If you would like me to help manage your fashion show, boutique events, wellness workshop/event, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for.


If you would like me to speak to your audience, employees, at an event, at your studio, or other venue, please contact me to discuss topics.​